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26 May 2009 @ 05:34 am
I really have no excuse.  

I don't have a valid reason why I do not post more often. I'm def. at the computer long enough! I'm at work for another hour and a half then off to the school to choke up the little bit of money I have. Summer classes start tonight! woo! If you don't know already I am working towards my nursing degree and although I do intend to move to Florida this summer I will be taking a few pre-reqs on 1 is on campus and then this fall/winter/spring I will take on line courses through the same college although I intend to reside in FL this winter! Unless I happen to get squished into the nursing program this fall at GBCC then I would postpone the move b/c it's a hefty wait to get into nursing programs right now and if I could get in i wouldn't want to pass it up!

This past Saturday my mom, Shaun, his friend Bobby, Kaison and I went to the purse place in Derry, NH!! I scored 2 cute purses and Shaun found a hockey jersey he has been looking for which was lucky cause it was some random item the guy happened to have and Shaun talked him into selling it. lol!

We had lunch at a benihana style Japanese place and tried to hit up the $1 Old Navy sale, but of course the store was a mad house and stripped of all ladies flip flops. damn it.

Other than Saturday life has been dull. I did some yard work with my mom this morning and some errands with Shaun.

Kaison is doing good. Actually he is doing great!! Since I changed his diet he is pooping pretty regular now and I'm thinking I may not have to take him to Dartmouth to see a specialist! =)

I have had a few interviews for day jobs that went well, but there are loads of people looking for jobs right now so I am not getting my hopes up to high. My overnight audit job has been keeping me plenty busy lately anyway.... working 12 & 14 hour shifts... ugh. Pretty sad when I think my 8 hour shift is a short one! At least I get more days off during the week.

That's about it for me. I'm off to visit with Annette!!


Current Mood: hopefulhopeful