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11 June 2009 @ 11:10 pm
when mama cries baby cries.. *awww*  
I learned today that when mama cries, Kaison cries. hehe....

I dropped an unopened soda can on my foot today and it hit just right and I yelped out in pain and cried for a minute. Shaun came to my aid as my dutiful, but unhelpful hubby and at the same time Kaison who was in his room playing (which has the kitchen, livingroom and part of the hall between us) cried when he heard me crying. His crying of course was what made me stop and worry about him rather then my foot, but when I stopped crying he stopped crying and waltzed out to come find us. It was really cute! Just had to post!

I got a few minutes of Kaison walking all around Toys R Us a few adys ago! I know I said I would post more pics and video, but I can't really firgure out how to do it. =/
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