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20 May 2009 @ 12:32 am
Whirlwind of a day!!  

Today was a pretty crazy day for me and Shaun! Phones going off all over the place! Appointments being made, boats being sold, job interviews, shopping.... sheesh!!

Here's the story. Shaun put his boat for sale on craigslist for $850 obo. It was a nice little set up, 12' boat, trailer, engine, accessories to go with it blah blah  . Shaun got it for free last year from a kid who couldn't keep it and was leaving the country so basically it was a guaranteed profit if sold. Well! The calls and e-mails started POURING in immediately!! He ended up selling it for $700 to the first guy who showed up but he also got a government job lead and interview out of the deal! The guy who bought it's wife is in charge of the Strafford County Complex culinary depts. so the guy gave Shaun her personal line and he called and has an interview in the a.m. It would be a sweet score since it's down the street and probably good pay! Which is good cause it gets me the eff out of here faster!!!

Well i have been putting in for part time jobs as well just to rake in the $$ faster and sure enough I have 2 interviews lined up now too!! One is for a Dr.s office at Pease. It's 8 weeks of full time work while the regular M.A. is on maternity and then PT until we leave! Sounds good to me!

I also had just put in over at a new Target store opening since they are probably more flexible about hours and sure enough they called too.

So the guy came over and got the boat and Shaun and I left for some lunch at Hibatchi (one of those places where they cook in front of you and blow huge flames on the range top and flip their spatulas around... it was good. I love the fried rice at those places!! mmmmmmmm!!!!!!

As we were poking around in Toy R Us for a new nose bulb sucker thing for Kaison my phone rang again and it was work. OT tonight baby!!! I NEVER get OT anymore so I was all over it! Of course that meant I had to cut my day out with the boys short to go home and catch some sleep, but it's all good. I won't be thinking of how tired I am tonight when I get my check next week you know?!

So for me all this excitement in one day is a bit much. Tomorrow will be equally as busy but at least tomorrow night I can sleep for the whole night in my own bed!!! yay!

Florida.... I can almost taste you know!! =P


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