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21 June 2009 @ 05:25 am
I feel like I am cheating on you LJ.  

I have a blog at blogger.com and although I have only updated it a few times I feel like I am cheating on my 6+ year relationship with my LJ. Shame on me. =(

By the way... http://tee717.blogspot.com/ 

Today is Father's Day. I am going to visit my Dad this morning I think. I will take Kaison so Shaun can sleep in since he has the day off. Granted he has only worked 3 days so far at his new job at Brazo where he was hired by his college Chef/instructor, Chef Hollihand(?) but still, he has been working hard. He likes to point out that he works in a kitchen with 6 other women. If he keeps in up he will be single and have cause to ask one of them out.

Ok, back to Father's Day... if you recall, or need to be filled in, on Mother's Day Shaun did not buy me a card, a gift, dinner, or even wish me Happy Mother's Day. Not once. I waited 24 hours midnight to midnight to hear him just say it and he FAILED!! It was an awful day for me. Shaun wished my own mother a happy mom's day, and his but he neglected the mother of his child and wife. I was very upset and cried to my own mom about it. I yelled at him a little, but more importantly I broke down in tears and I'm pretty sure he felt awful b/c the next day out bank account was dented and he had a new Nintendo DSi with games and accessory pack waiting for me as a gift. Not exactly what I wanted, but whateve. I knew at least that he had heard me.

Well, I can't decide if I should give him a does of his own medicine and not say anything until maybe tomorrow or just give him the gift and card I have stashed in the bottom of the entertainment center.  Of course I am thoughtful of the holiday, but it doesn't mean I am not still bitter towards him about last month.

Guess we will see how it plays out.

My work schedule sucks this week.... b/c Shaun so abruptly started his new job. (He started the same day he was hired) I had to make some adjustments to my schedule for child care reasons, but Selina had made plans with her friends and couldn't quite fit in the changes so Brianna was nice enough to cover 4 hours for me last night which I will be making up Monday afternoon. I get out Monday morning at 7:00am after working the over night, then I am back at 3:00pm in the afternoon for 4 hours and later will return Monday night at 11:00pm to work the over night. Sucks, I know, but actually I was thinking I will just crash in the hotel between 7-11pm and get a little nap in. If I go home there is no way I will be able to go to sleep, plus the commuting will take time. So I'm just going to hang out in a vacant room.

My mom was however merciful enough to stay home yesterday and offered to watch Kaison!!  I was so excited to sleep (Since I hadn't in over 28 hours) that I couldn't at first! I had to take some Tylenol PM! But then I was out for a good 9 hours! mmmmmm..... sleep!

Not much else has happened recently... Working the over nights and spending the days with Kaison. Sometimes getting in a little sleep. That's about it.

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