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22 June 2009 @ 11:33 pm
Good Bye Jon and Kate. Good bye.  
I was very sad to watch the Jon and Kate plus 8 tonight. I don't usually watch the show, but of course I hear about everything in news and tabloids yadda yadda...

Still it was so sad to have it confirmed. Those little kids are adorable and I do think both Jon and Kate are great parents. Yeah Kate is bitchy sometimes, but who wouldnt be with 8 kids running around. I actually stopped watching that show b/c I saw how Kate would get with him and although I too was quick to chastize her the truth of it was that I often treat my husband that way and the show made me realize it. I didn't like that so I stopped watching. I'm a coward and I know it, but that's the truth. I would be lost if Shaun decided to leave me. As much as I bitch and moan about him, really he's the jelly to my jam! I don't know how Kate does it, but I feel bad for them both and of course the kids.


What I did get from watching TLC is that I like the show Cake Boss. hahaha.... such talent, so funny! Wish I could afford a cake from those people.

So I learned tonight that Mandy Moore was born in Nashua, NH (about an hours drive from me) and that Mr. Tupper who invented and produced his tupperware is from Berlin, NH. I used to live a short ride from Berlin! Neat-o!! Everyone knows Adam Sandler is from Manchester, but did any of you know.... one of the head writer's of Saturday Night Live is from NH, Sarah Silverman the comedian is from NH and the guy who created the comic strip "Archie" based on his schoolmates in high school (in Mancehster, NH) of course is from my homestate. We just kick out the funny ones around here. Too bad I am not witty enough to cash in on the dough. I think Linds could be though! love that bitch!

Not much else going on. Workin' alot. Seems like I worked all day today. I worked the overnight last night, got off at 7:00am. then I was back here for 3:00-7:00pm then gone for 4 hours and here I am working the overnight again. It sucks. Even the guests noticed I have been here all day. I was here when they got up for breakfast, back from their meetings and work and then when they were heading to bed. Sad... I know.
Off to do some work I suppose. G'night!
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